Leek is the Shaman Chieftain of the northern tribe of Longtooth Shifters. His predecessor was the one who led the tribe through the Trackless Forest and settled them where they now reside. Upon coming to earn his place as the tribe’s Chieftain, Leek took his predecessor’s thirst for exploration a step further, dispatching scouts to find and make contact with other civilizations. Though he believes he is doing the best thing for the Shifters and merely following in the pawsteps of his predecessor, this daring openness to other races has made him unpopular amongst some of the tribe’s elders.

Leek has also trained several young Shamans and Druids from among the children of his tribe in his many long years. Though most have either gone off to forge a new tribe or been killed, there are still a small handful of his students left in the tribe, including Scry.

Leek has been known to wander off, distancing himself from the tribe for hours or even days at a time. Though none in the tribe truly know where or why he leaves, most assume it is a Shaman’s right and duty to depart in order to “consult the spirits” or perform some other Shamany task. However, Leek is never without his spirit companion, Oon. Like mist to the morning, Oon is always there alongside Leek in order to aid or assist him in any way possible.


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