Nexus of Eternity

Encountering a Legend

After their encounter with the First Blade, our heroes found doorways in the Clockwork Tower opening into an enchanted forest. Journeying out into this land, they descended into its tangled depths and came across knights of the Faerie-King’s court, who urged them to leave. Promising to do so, they journeyed onward to discover what secrets the realm of the Faeries would hold. Climbing to the top of a dormant volcano, they encountered a crazed wildman who fought with them briefly before disappearing into a ring of flowers. Once they had solved the mystery of this mystic grove, our heroes found themselves involved in a mighty battle against The Golden Lion, an ancient barbarian kingdom from their world, and her two chief handmen. Though the conflict was fierce and often times bloody, our heroes won out in the end and returned the Golden Lion to her state as an item of history.

Now, with an indication of what this realm of Faeries might do to them, our heroes have decided to return to the Clockwork Tower, lest they anger any other mysterious forces…



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